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Circulated Letters in MCF year 2021

PS No. Sub Railway Board/Other Railway Letter No. Date circulated letter in MCF on date  Download
  Amendment in Policy on engagement/absorption/discharge of TADK/MCF/RBL       View / Download
  Clarification on Pass on Transfer to Lower Grade       View / Download
38/2021 General Departmental Competitive Examination (GDCE) in Accounts Department and Chief Law Assistant.  E(NG)I-2020/PM9/1 24.11.2021 17.12.2021 View / Download
Guidelines on awarding of marks by Selection Boards in the Selection comprising Record of Service
-- -- 15-12-2021 View / Download
Presence of all senior officers at their Headquarters during Winter Session of Parliament, 2021.
2021/Parl./2/1/PPCFB 22.10.2021 06.12.2021 View / Download
Replacement of RRB papers on resignation of candidates.
2021/E(RRB)/23/09 22.11.2021 06.12.2021 View / Download
- Preventive measures to contain the spread of Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) – Resumption of Biometric Attendance.  E(G)2021/CL-4/3 03.11.2021 25.11.2021 View / Download
35/2021 Revised rates-Recovery of replacement cost of Gold, Silver and All India Bronze Metal Passes in case of loss 2017/G/127/4 11.10.2021 25.11.2021 View / Download
34/2021 Eligibility criteria for filling up vacancy of JE in 20% LDCE quota. E(NG)I/2021/PM5/2 07.10.2021 08.11.2021 View / Download
33/2021 Extension of the renewed insurance scheme for Health Workers fighting COVID-19 un Pradhan Mantri Garib Kalyan Package. 2020/H-1/7/11 21.102021 01.11.2021 View / Download
32/2021 Application for filling up of Ex-Cadre Posts in Indian Railways Institute of Transport Management, Lucknow. IRITM/Trans.Post/Gr. C&D/940/429 09.09.2021 23.09.2021 View / Download
Clarifications on Children Education Allowance(CEA) during Covid-19 epidemic Lockdown period
View / Download
30/2021 Calling of options from Staff for serving under Workshop Projects Organisation/Patna for Various Projects WP/Option/NG/B&K  06.08.2021 14.09.2021 View / Download
29/2021 Discontinuation of physical passes-reg PC-VII/2020/HRMS/16 02.09.2021 04-09-2021 View/Download
28/2021 Implementation of various modules of HRMS-reg PC-VII/2020/HRMS/16 01.09.2021 04.09.2021 View/Download
27/2021 Clarification w.r.t. Extension of validity of unused Passes E(W)2020/PS5-2/7 19.08.2021 31.08.2021 View/Download
26/2021 Cancellation of Periodical Transfer of Staff. E(NG)I-2020/TR/2  22.06.2021 24.07.2021 View/Download
25/2021 Extension of timeline for submission of Annual Performance Assessment Report(APAR) in respect of Group C Personnel of Indian Railway for the year 2020-21-regarding. E(NG)I2021/CR/1 22.06.2021 22.07.2021 View/Download
24/2021 Extension of validity of Passes/PTOs consequent to lockdown measures notified to prevent the spread of COVID-19 E(W)2020/PS5-2/7 30.06.2021 14.07.2021 View/Download
23/2021 Filling up Technical Posts in Defence Reasearch/RDSO/New Delhi Rectt.R-3/Rly/SSE/Mech/Def.Res/2021 07.06.2021 24.06.2021 View/Download
22/2021 Issue of vacancy notice for various posts in Civil Deptt. In DFCCIL on deputation basis. HQ/HR/VN/Civil/Comp No. 8121/NGVN-02/2021 23.03.2021 09.06.2021 View/Download
21/2021 Issue of vacancy notice for various posts in Electrical Deptt. In DFCCIL on deputation basis HQ/HR/VN/Elect/Comp No. 8127/NGVN-03/2021 23.03.2021 09.06.2021 View/Download
20/2021 Posting in Railway Claims Tribunal, Allahabad (RCT/ALD) – Notification for giving option by working employees 797-E/RCT/ALD/Posting of staff 12.04.2021 01.06.2021 View/Download
19/2021 Date of next increment under Rule 10 of Railway Services (Revised Pay) Rules, 2016 – regarding PC-VII/2017/R-I/7 24.05.2021 24.05.2021 View/Download
18/2021 Transfer of ministerial staff to Accounts office, MCF/RBL 2014/A/cs/Adm/MCF/RBL/09/Estt.Matter 08.04.2021 05.05.2021 View/Download
17/2021 Preventive measures to contain the spread of Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) – Attendance of Central Government officials-regarding 11013/9/2014-Estt.A-III 19.04.2021 20.04.2021 View/Download
16/2021 Calling volunteers for (One) post of Watcher in Vigilance Cell/RWF in Level-4 (equivalent to PB-I, Rs. 5200-20200, GP-2400 of the 6th PC) or one level below level below ie. Level-3 (equivalent to PB-I, Rs. 5200-20200, GP-2000 of 6th PC) of RSRP Rules 2016 RWF/NG-39/891 26.03.2021 13.04.2021 View/Download
15/2021 Consideration of representation against the APAR of SG/JAG officers of IRPS regarding 207-G/MCF/RBL/ASC/SPARROW  31.03.2021 08.04.2021 View/Download
14/2021 Calling of options from Staff for serving under Workshop Projects Organizatin/Patna for various Projects WP/Option/NG/B&K  19.03.2021 06.04.2021 View/Download
13/2021 Applications/options for the One post of Chief Vigilance Inspector/Personnel in Pay Matrix level-7(equivalent to PB-II, Rs. 9300-34800, GP-Rs. 4600/- of 6th PC) on deputation basis in Vigilance Organization in North Central Railway, H.Q. Office, Prayagraj G/MCF/RBL/Vig/Misc/02 12/2021 26.03.2021 02.04.2021 View/Download
12/2021. Filling up the post of Chief Vigilance Inspector/Mechanical in Pay Matrix Level-7 of 7th CPC in the Vigilance Department of RWF-01(One) Post G/MCF/RBL/Vig/Misc/02  12.03.2021 18.03.2021 View/Download
11/2021. Preventive measures to contain the spread of Novel Corona Virus (COVID-19)- Attendance of Central Government Officials- regarding 2021/E(LL)/HER/3  15.02.2021 23.02.2021 View/Download
10/2021. ikjLifjd LFkkukarj.k ls lEcaf/kr yksdy ikWfylh ds laca/k esaA MCF/RBL/Estt./Transfer Policy   19.02.2021 23.02.2021 View/Download
09/2021. Revised admissibility to travel by Taxi/reimbursement of Taxi hire charges for using one’s car for local official journey at or near Headquarters F(E)I/2020/AL-28/6  23.07.2020 18.02.2021 View/Download
08/2021. Suggestion Scheme of Best Innovations on IR for the year 2020-21 2019/E&R/4(2)/1   25.01.2021 17.02.2021 View/Download
07/2021. Implementation of Settlement, PF and e-pass modules of HRMS-reg PC-VII/2020/HRMS/16  16.02.2021 17.02.2021 View/Download
06/2021. Temporary deputation of Coordinators (Admin)/Assistant Haj Officer/Haj Assistants to Consulate General of India, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia for Haj 2021-regarding E(NG)I-2021/DP/2  18.01.2021 06.02.2021 View/Download
05/2021. Temporary deputation of Coordinators (Medical)/Doctors/Paramedics to Consulate General of India, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia for Haj 2021-Regarding E(NG)I-2021/DP/3  18.01.2021 06.02.2021 View/Download
04/2021. Action against Shri S. Ramachandra Rao, Sr. Clerk under ADEN/JAD,WAT Division of East Coast Railways 2016-E(SCT)I-71/1(Pt.) 20.01.2021 06.02.2021 View/Download
03/2021. Improvement of Health Delivery System & Emergency Treatment in railway Empanelled Private Hospitals-Corrigendum 2018/TransCell/Health/CGHS (eOff.No. 3270783)  30.12.2020 21.01.2021 View/Download
02/2021. Improvement of Health Delivery System & Emergency Treatment in railway Empanelled Private Hospitals 2018/TransCell/Health/CGHS (eOff.No. 3270783) 28.12.2020 21.01.2021 View/Download
01/2021. Re-engagement of retired Railway employees in exigencies of service. E(NG)II/2020/RC-4/2(Pt.2) 22.12.2021 09.01.2021 View/Download


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