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Mechanical Design Specifications

Mechanical Design Specifications



1 Special terms and condition for procurement of LLDPE/polymer material bio tank system for LHB coaches MMDTS 16001 Rev-01
2 Schedule of requirements for manufacturing/supply of corrugated sidewall complete for LHB type AC-3T paint-less coaches MMDTS16002 Rev-03
3 Schedule of requirements for composite compressed laminate sheet for flooring for LHB type Non-AC coaches. MMDTS 17004 Rev-NIL
4 Specification for consultancy of design, development of material and furnishing of LHB coaches at MCF/RBL with world class interior  MMDTS 17006 Rev-NIL
5 Schedule of technical requirement for surf ace protection on FIAT bogie. MMDTS 17007 Rev-01
6 Schedule of technical requirement for side lower berth with comfortable single piece sliding top of LHB design AC 3 Tier sleeper coaches MMDTS 17009 Rev-NIL
7 Specification for water level Indicator for overload tanks on Indian Railway Coaches MMDTS 17010 Rev-01
8 Specification for 3D-printer MMDTS 18004 Rev-NIL
9 Tentative Technical specification for trial procurement of self-insulated boards for manufacture AC Duct system for LHB coach MMDTS 18006 Rev-01
10 Schedule of technical requirements for Aluminium polymer composite solid surface sheets for interior furnishing of LHB coach Toilet MMDTS 18008 Rev-01
11 Specification for thermal cum sound insulation for LHB coaches  MMDTS 18009 Rev-02
12 Schedule of technical requirements for SMART Passenger information coach computing unit (PICCU) MMDTS 18010 Rev-NIL
13 Purchase specification for procurement of control arm in coach set (through forging route) MMDTS 18013 Rev-NIL
14 Purchase specification for procurement of control arm in coach set (through investment casting route) MMDTS 18014 Rev-NIL
15 Schedule of technical requirements for surface protection (Poly-siloxane base anti-corrosion & anti-chipping protective coating on Fiat bogie & under-frame) MMDTS 18015 Rev-03
16 Technical specification for modified Bio-Vacuum evacuation system for LHB coaches MMDTS 18024 Rev-NIL
17 Specification for RMPU integration with PICCU  MMDTS 18026 Rev-NIL
18 Specification for Smart Switch Board  MMDTS 18027 Rev-NIL
19 Technical requirement for corrosion resistant. Infrared heat reflective roof coating MMDTS18028 Rev-02
20 Specification for optical tracker (Tracking facility) with hand held 3D scanners) MMDTS 18029 Rev-NIL
21 STR for sealed window glass unit for LHB type AC coaches  MMDTS 18031 Rev-NIL
22 Specification for Smart Switch Board cabinet with additional features for LHB type AC coaches MMDTS 18032 Rev-NIL
23 Specification for PU based wet on wet application on exterior painting for LHB type coaches. MMDTS 18034 Rev-04
24 Specification for Auxiliary items for Smart Switch Board cabinet with additional features MMDTS 18035 Rev-NIL
25 Schedule of Technical Requirement for sealed window glass unit with tempered glass MMDTS 18036 Rev-NIL
26 Technical specification for flange head bolt on honeycomb partition frame MMDTS 18037 Rev-NIL
27 Schedule of Technical Requirement for GPS based PAPIS system with Digital Destination board with OBCMS and online condition monitoring system of coaches & other items MMDTS18042 Rev-NIL
28 Specification for World class MMDTS19005 Rev-NIL
29 STR for design, development, supply, integration, testing, supply & commissioning of complete propulsion system & other sub-system for BG AC DPRS MMDTS19007 Rev-04
30 Specification of Universal adhesive for sealant of windows & RMPU MMDTS19012 Rev-NIL
32 STR for Sealed windows with better NVH characteristics for LHB AC coaches MMDTS19016 Rev-01
33 Specification for fire barrier wall MMDTS19018 Rev-Nil
34 STR for flexible load bearing polyurethane foam MMDTS19020 Rev-03 amnd-01
35 STR for fire barrier cloth of Seat & Berth MMDTS19021 Rev-03
36 Specification for Integrated Video safety and security solution for smart coach MMDTS19022 Rev-NIL
37 Specification for upholstery of seat & berth MMDTS19023 Rev-03
38 STR for existing speed wheel sensors (Torsional vibration) based OBCMS for LHB coaches MMDTS19029 Rev-NIL
39 STR for LHB AC Smart Coach with GPS based PAPIS, LED destination board, CCTV & OBCMS  MMDTS19030 Rev-01
40 STR for supply, installation & commissioning of Rajdhani rake with World class Rajdhani rake MMDTS19036 Rev-01
41 Specification for Direct Part Marking using Data matrix (2D) on Indian Railways  MMDTS19037 Rev-NIL
42 Schedule of technical requirement for supply, apply and installment of interiors for Rajdhani rake LHB design (Tejas type) MMDTS19042 Rev-02
44 Specification for GFRE MMDTS20012 Rev-NIL
45 STR for foot operated water tap arrangement in Lavatories of Indian Railways MMDTS 20031 Rev-NIL
46 STR for supply, apply, installation & commissioning of interiors of LHB AC-2Tier coaches for Tejas rake MMDTS 20035 Rev-NIL
47 STR for supply, apply, installation & commissioning of interiors of LHB AC-First coaches for Tejas rake MMDTS 20036 Rev-NIL
48 STR for supply, apply, installation & commissioning of interiors of LHB AC-Hot buffet coaches for Tejas rake MMDTS 20037 Rev-NIL


Technical Specification of Fire Retardant Composite Panel MMDTS 20039 Rev-NIL
50 STR for Electro-pneumatic Pressurise flushing system for LHB tye Non-Ac coaches MMDTS19027 Rev-01
51 STR for Design, Development, Supply and installation of Compactor SS Dustbin for LHB coaches MMDTS20030 Rev.-02
52 Specification  for PVC Based Film for Coach Interiors MDTS25305 Rev.-01
53 Technical Specification For Bio Degradable, Oleophobic and Hydrophobic Organic Surface Painting on Exterior and Interior Surface MMDTS19041 Rev-Nil
54 STR for “Smart film switchable alongwith coach wiring & switches” to be provided on glass window MMDTS 21001 Rev-Nil
55 Technical specification for Roller blinds for all type of LHB coaches MMDTS 21002 Rev-Nil
56 Technical specification of Supply, Installation and Commissioning of Complete Furnishing of AC-3T Garibrath Coaches on Turnkey basis MMDTS 21006 Rev-02
57. Schedule of Technical Requirements for ''Fire Retardant Ethylene Propylene Diene Terpolymer (EPDM) Rubber Items for Interior furnishing of LHB coaches. MMDTS20047 Rev-Nil




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