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Press Release

179. Press Release of cheering the olympic players 10.07.2021

178.Press release on International Yoga Day on 21.06.2021

177.मानसून संबंधी तैयारियों के लिए आरेडिका प्रशासन ने जारी किये दिशानिर्देश दिनांक- 15.06.2021

176.Press Release on World Environment Day Celebrated at MCF dt.05.06.2021

175. आरेडिका में 50 प्रतिशत कर्मचारियों को ही कार्यालय आने की अनुमति दिनांक 26.04.2021

174.आरेडिका ने किया लक्ष्य से अधिक कोचों का वार्षिक उत्पादन  दिनांक 01.04.2021

173. एमसीएफ में प्रगति पत्रिका के  5 वां अंक का विमोचन दिनांक-25.03.2021

172.एमसीएफ में अंतर विभागीय फुटबाॅल प्रतियोगिता का शुभारंभ दिनांक 22.03.2021

171. एमसीएफ में कोरोना टीकाकरण अभियान की शुरूआत दिनांक-13.03.2021

170. एमसीएफ में छात्र-छात्राओं को छात्रवृत्ति एवं साइकिल वितरण दिनांक-12.03.2021

169.अंतर्राष्ट्रीय महिला दिवस पर एमसीएफ में विभिन्न कार्यक्रमों का आयोजन एवं पुरस्कार वितरण दिनांक-08.03.2021

168.एमसीएफ में अंतर्राष्ट्रीय महिला दिवस के अन्तर्गत आयोजित 'महिला समानता दौड़ प्रतियोगिता दिनांक-06.03.2021

167. Press release on Rail Yatra Vritant Puraskar Yojna on 23.02.2021


166. Press Release on visit of Additional Member (PU) Railway Board of MCF dt. 05.02.2021

165. Press Release on Library Inauguration dated 01.02.2021

164. Press Release on Celebration of Republic Day at MCF dt. 27.01.2021

163. Press Release on visit of Member Finance Railway Board dt. 23.01.2021

162. Press Release on GM Cup final Match at MCF dt.20.01.2021

161. Press Release on Roll out of UMD at MCF dt. 08.01.2021

160. Press Release on GM cup Inter Departmental Cricket at MCF dt. 05.01.2021

159. Press Release on Cyclothon Run competition at Modern Coach Factory dt. 03.01.2021 

158. Press Release on Visit  of Sh. Rajesh Tiwari, MTRS Rly Bd at MCF dated 07.12.2020

157. Press Release on Mahaparinivan Diwas organised at MCF dated 07.12.2020

156. Press Release on flagging off Fist Tejas Rake dated 27.11.2020

155. Press Release of Constitution Day at MCF dated 26.11.2020

154. Press Release of First AC LSDRDAC Pawar Car at MCF dated 06.11.2020

153. Press Release of Vigilance Awareness Week at MCF dated 02.11.2020

152. Press Release of Rashtriya Ekta Diwas at MCF dated 31.10.2020

151. Press Release on Oath Ceremany on the Occasion of Rashtriya Ekta Diwas at MCF dated 30.10.2020

150. Press Release of Vigilance Awareness Week at MCF on 29.10.2020

149. Press Release of Vigilance awareness Week at MCF on 27.10.2020

148. Press Release on 08.10.2020

147. Press Release on MCF made Record Production in September Month 2020.

146. Press Release on 30.09.2020

145. Press Release on 21.09.2020

144. Press Release of Swachht Pakhwada at MCF on 18.09.2020

143. Press Release of Swachhta Pakhwada at MCF on 17.09.2020

142. Press Release of Hindi Diwas at MCF on 14.09.2020

141. Press Release of Kavya Path at MCF on 11.09.2020

140. Press Release on 07.09.2020

139. Press Release on Essay Compition on 05.09.2020

138. Press Release Hindi Pakhwada at MCF on 03.09.2020

137. Press Release on MCF dated 15.08.2020

136. Press Release on MCF dated 17.07.2020

135. Press Release on Inauguration of Cricket Ground and Swimming Pool at MCF dt. 15.07.2020

134. Press Release on MCF Township Inspection by GM/MCF/RBL dt.10.07.2020

133.Press Release of MCF dt.03.07.2020

132.Press Release on Material entry Monitoring System Inauguration at MCF dtd.01.07.2020

131. Press Release on Flagging of Smart Hamsafar Rack at MCF dt.26.06.2020

130. Press Release of MCF dated 09.05.2020

129. Press Release of MCF dated 29.03.2020

128. Press Release of MCF dated 28.03.2020

127.Press Release on making of sanitizer and Mask at MCF

126. Regarding COVID- 19 Press release of MCF

125. Press Release by MCFRaebareli for Novel Corona Virus dt.23.03.2020

124.Press Release on Guidelines by MCFRaebareli for Novel Corona Virus dt.19.03.2020

123.Press Release on National Safety Week Celebration at MCF

122.Press Release on cultural Program Spic Macay at MCFRBL dtd 20.02.2020

121.Press Release on celebration on of 71th Republic Day at MCF

120.Press Release on One day Awareness camp By Scout & Guide Dist. MCF

119.Press release on winning of Silver Medal MCF cyclist Ramesh N

118. Press Release of record production on 9 Months of MCFRBL

117.Press Release on 14th National Kick Boxing Championship at MCF Raebareli.

116.Press Release on Flagging off of First AC Chair Car at Modern Coach Factory.

115.Press Release on Mahaparinirvan Diwas organised at MCF.

114.Press Release on Final Match Inter Departmental Football Championship 2019 at MCF.

113.Press release on Interdepartmental football Tournament 2019.

112.Press Release on Constitution Day at MCF on 26.11.2019.

111.Press release on Humanoid robot at MCF, Raebareli.

110.Press release on vigilance Awareness Week 2019.

109.Press release on RUN FOR UNITY & Oath Ceremony organized at MCF Raebareli on National Unity Day.

108.Press Release on Vigilance Awareness Week, 2019.

107.Press release on Admin Block Canteen inspection by GM MCF RBL.

106.Press release on Celebration of rashtrapita Mahatma Gandhi 150th Jayanti at MCF RBL.

105.Press release on first Factory visit of GM MCF RBL.

104.Press Release on Swachh Parisar-special cleaning at MCF.

103.Press release on Joining of V M Srivastava GM.

 102.Press Release on augmentation of dustbin at MCF.

101.Press Release on organised Displaying of Anti-littering Posters & Swachhta at MCF.

100.Press release on organised Massive shramdan on cleanliness at MCF.

99.Press release on celebration of Hindi diwas at MCF.

98.Press release on swachhata pakhwada at MCF.

97.Press Release on inauguration of welding simulator and e-library at MCF.

96.Press release on Record Production in 1st 5 Months of 6 years.

95.Press release on inauguration of Integrated Solution for High Capacity Bogie Assembly Line.

94.Press release for celebration of 73nd Independence Day at MCF.

93.Press release started on e-office at MCF.

92.Press release inauguration of Hb I AC blood testing machine and tree plantation at MCF.

91.Press release on Green-co Certification of MCF.

90.Press Release regarding celebration of International Yoga Day at MCF.

89.Press release on Vimochan of Pragati patrika.

88. Press Release on world environment day celebration  MCF 05.06.2019.

87.Press release on National technology Day Celebrations at MCF on 11.05.2019.

86. Press release on Chess computation at MCF.  

85. Press release on implementation of HMIS app at MCF.

84. Press release on celebration of birthday of Dr.Bhimrao ambedkar at MCF.

83. Press release on Flagging off of First rake Financial Year 2019-20 

82. Press release on record Coach Production and Manager’s Meet at MCF.

81. Press release on Technology Mission Indian Railway at MCF RBL.

80. Press release on National safety Week Celebration at MCF 05 March 2019 to 10 March 2019

79.  Press release on Celebration of International Women’s Day at MCF.

78. Press release on Visit of Mr. Miguel Jose Matabel Chairman, CFM Board on 06.032019 at MCF.

77. Press release on visit of MRS to MCF RBL.

76. Press release on Vimochan of pratibimb patrika

75. Press release on First Turn out Non AC Chair Car Coach LWSCZ MCF/RBL

74. Press release on Participation Vendor Development Programme(MSME) at Fathpur.

73. Press release on GM Cup Cricket Final match in MCF/RBL

72. Press release on 56th All India Railway Cycling Championship award. 

71. Press Release on GM Cup Inter Departmental Cricket tournament

70. Press Release Record 152 Coaches in January 2019

69. Press Release on IRIS Certification

68. Press Release on 1st LBC HOT Buffet PantryCar

67. Press Release on 70th Republic Day Celebration  

66. Press Release on development of MCF RBL Hospital

65. Press Release for flagging off production of 1st LHB DSLR Coach.

64. Press Release of Modern coach Factory, raebareli on winning of Silver Medal in All India Railway Cycling Championship.

63. Press release for record production in first 9 month in FY  2018-19 of MCF

62. Press Release for inspection of staff canteen by Sh. suneet Sharma, General Manager.

61. Press Release for Visit of Prime Minister sh.Narendra Modi to MCF on 16.12.2018

60. Press Release of Visit of sh. Nand Kumar Gupta ’Nandi’ Minister of Stamp and Civil aviation, govt. of UP & Dr. Mahendra Kumar Singh, Minister of State (Independent Chare) of rural development, Medical and Health, Govt. of UP to MCF, Raebareli.

59. Press Release for visit of Sh. Rajesh Agrawal, Member Rolling Stock/Railway Board & Ex-Officio Secretary, Govt. of India & Sh.     A.C.Pandey, Chief Secy, Govt. of U.P. to Modern Coach Factory, Raebareli.

58. Press Release on Visit of Sh. B.K.Agrawal, additional Member(PU)/Railway board to MCF

57. All Indian Railway Cross Country Championship at Modern Coach Factory, Raebareli 

56. All India Railway Men’s and Women Cross Country Championship at Modern Coach Factory Raebareli

55. Press release on RUN FOR UNITY & Oath Ceremony organized at MCF Reabareli on the eve of National Unity Day.

54. Press Release on Factory Inspection by General Manager & record Production in last 7 Months of MCF/RBL.

53. Press Release on appointment of new General Manager at Modern Coach Factory, Raebareli.

52.Press Release on Record Production of MCF, Raebareli.

51. Press Release on Publishing of news of default fan in Electronic Media/Print Media.

50. Press Release of the Visit of MCF, Raebareli on 04.10.2018

49. Press Release of Joining of Sh. Virender Kumar as a new General Manager of MCF.

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